Body Finishing Kits

BYOGuitar is the ONLY USA Authorized Wudtone Dealer

An advantage of using a Wudtone finishing kit is that no specialist skills or spraying equipment is required. There is no spraying involved, which in itself can be hazardous when using aerosol cans with no special breathing equipment . Spraying creates the opportunity to, depending on skill to lather on wet coats, spray eddys; high density around edges creating areas of considerable thickness without realizing. A 400ml can of spray lacquer can be quickly used up on a body. The Wudtone finish kits, along with method of application won’t add more finish than is needed. Slow curing and self leveling properties ensure you achieve a professional result with excellent wear and tear capability, yet reduces filtering to maximize the resonance, feel and tone of the guitar.

PDF Instructions Available on Each Color