Wudtone PRS LR Tremolo Upgrade

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Wudtone PRS LR Tremolo Upgrade

The Wudtone PRS LR Tremolo upgrade includes :
  • Wudtone PRS LR plate, .5mm shim, bearing screws
  • Wudtone 1018 Cold steel block with nylon bush
  • Wudtone 5mm stainless trem arm (choice of lengths, tips)
  • Option to add Wudtone steel nickel saddles

PRS make some world class set neck guitars and discerning customers expect the best very tone. Paul Reed Smith himself, often talks about reduction when discussing guitars and their essential components. The PRS “rules of tone” would seem to suggest, less reduction = better guitar. At Wudtone we absolutely agree and this trem upgrade is all about less reduction.

The Wudtone PRS LR takes the proven Wudtone Constant Pivot design (more info on that here) and applies it to the potential of a world class PRS guitar.

We asked a PRS loving guitarist to really put the upgrade through it spaces. “my guitar positively came alive with improved sustain and thick full tone” Tommy Platt. You can read Tommy’s full review here.

The Wudtone PRS LR achieves less reduction because of the way it is connected to the body of the guitar. The trem upgrade delivers a maximised connection between the underside of the plate and the body of the guitar, (this is very different to a stock PRS trem which is essentially similar in operation to a fender two post, albeit floating whilst pivoting on the six small grooved mounting screws).

The Wudtone PRS LR trem upgrade delivers a proven set of tone, dynamic, feel and tuning stability, benefits. That is why in the S-type world, it is now regarded by customers as the best trem in the world.

Technical note on the invention. 1st gen plates,( as per the original Leo Fender patent) with a flat top surface only pivot by loosening the fixings (this allows the plate to slide up and down the fixings). This type of plate provides a desirable tone but causes tuning to be unstable. 2nd gen plates ( e.g. Fender 2 post, PRS grooved screw, and Ernie Ball Luke) use indentations in the fixings ( 2 or 6) so ‘float’ above the guitar body. Stable but the tone generated by guitars using these bridge plates is considered to be inferior to the vintage plates.

The Wudtone CP technology (Patent GB1314545.3) overcomes the problems of the two types of plate described above. It provides stable operation and a desirable tone through the use of: recesses formed around the fixings on the top side of the bridge plate; an arc on the underside of the bridge plate to ensure constant contact with the guitar body.

This represents a very exciting opportunity for PRS guitar owners. Essentially, tone chasing PRS owners can now enjoy a fuller tone, with more dynamic response, detail, clarity. They will be able to wring more out of each held note and for longer. The Wudtone PRS LR upgrade fits a PRS guitar without any modifications to the guitar. It can be used with existing PRS bridge saddles or any 10.5mm alternatives. Steel nickel saddles are recommended for maximum enhancement of detail and clarity. This really does deliver a proven and affordable way to enjoy more of the capabilities of their investment in PRS guitars.