Wudtone Finished Strat Body

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Wudtone Finished Strat Body
The BYOGuitar Custom Shop Strat with a beautiful Wudtone finish!

Beautiful Strat style guitar body made to the specs of the classics. The body is made from ultra light weight Swamp Ash providing sweet tone and unbelievable sustain.

You can pick your own gorgeous Wudtone Finish. The end results are personal guitars which sound awesome, look awesome and inspire playing like no other.
It isn’t by accident that iconic, big clean sounds are from guitars which tend not to have very much paint left on them! The distinctive tone of Stevie Ray’s One or Rory Gallagher’s stratocaster are just a couple of classic examples. Solvent based polyurethane and NITRO Cellulose lacquers create a dampening filter to the natural resonance, feel and tone of a guitar. Wudtone has developed their own method of finishing to maximize the integrity, resonance, feel and tone of a guitar.
Slow curing, self leveling properties ensure a professional finish with excellent wear and tear capability, yet reduces filtering to maximize the resonance, feel and tone of the guitar.
  • Ultra light weight Swamp Ash Body
  • Standard Stat neck pocket
  • Wudtone enhances the beauty, integrity and natural ageing process of wood
  • Wudtone create a breatheable, hardwearing finish
  • Wudtone is easy to repair ( unlike cracked lacquers) in the event of any damage to the surface
  • Wood Type:Ash
  • Neck Pocket TypeBolt On
  • Ships in 30+ Days