STHR-1b Hot Rails Lead

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STHR-1b Hot Rails Lead
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High output single-coil-size "rails" humbucker. Great for classic rock, garage, punk, heavy rock, thrash, classic metal and nu-metal.
Delivers a fat, full sound with incredible output. The powerful ceramic magnet, two steel blades and over-wound coils all combine to provide a heavy, raw, distorted tone with incredible sustain. Compared to the Little '59, Hot Rails has more output and a chunkier mid-range. Comes in black only with four-conductor cable.
complete setup
Available in lead (bridge) position only. Matches up well with a Vintage Rhythm StackĀ® for a totally quiet rig; or with a Hot Rhythm for an all-around hot axe.
For all well-balanced instruments. Works equally well with maple and rosewood fingerboards.
Troy Van Leeuwen / Queens of the Stone Age, Mike Stern, John 5 / Marilyn Manson & Rob Halford, Greg Camp / Smashmouth
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