PBass Pre-Wired Harness

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PBass Pre-Wired Harness

Our wiring harness are hand wired in our Amherst, NH shop. Using only the highest quality components. Hand selected and vintage correct.

This Precision Bass wiring kit will give you better tone, clarity and more control.  

We build BYOGuitar Pre-Wired Electronics using the best craftsmanship and components:

  • 2 CTS Vintage Taper Audio Pot
    • 250k Split Shaft w/.375" Shaft Potentiometers
    • 7% Tolerance
    • 30% taper (just like vintage potentiometers) 
    • Dished back Lowest torque possible! Tightest tolerance available! Effortless turning! 
    • Solid brass shaft and bushing 
    • Beveled edge split shaft for easy knob push on
  • Paper in Oil Capacitor
    • 200V 0.047uF PIO capacitor
    • 10% tolerance
  • Treble bleed circuit
    • 150K-ohm 1/4-watt resistor in parallel with a .001uF capacitor.
    • Wired between the input and output lugs of the volume pot
    • Smooths out treble bleed.
    • Gets more uniform tone from 1 to 10
    • More rounded sound at low volume. 
  • Vintage 22-Ga pre-tinned cloth wire