Lin-Speed Starter Kit

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Lin-Speed Starter Kit

The kit contains a 2 ounce jar of “GB” Lin-Speed, 3 pads of triple zero steel wool, a pair of food service gloves, simple to follow illustrated instructions, and a reusable clamshell package. This is a terrific gift idea.
Lin-Speed is an extreme grain revealing finish oil for gunstocks and any fine woodwork, like furniture, guitars, wood knife handles, pens, bar tops, and much more. Lin-Speed deeply penetrates wood pores and hardens, protecting the wood and revealing the beauty of grain patterns from within. In bright light wood appears to glow and you will have a sense that you can actually see into the wood. The finish is tough and abrasions disappear with just a dab of Lin-Speed.
Lin-Speed is simple to use and is typically applied with the finger tips but for larger projects a sponge brush can be used. Only a tiny bit is needed per application for a no build finish like no other. The convenient 2 ounce jar is typically enough for about 2 guitars.
Lin-Speed is not like varnish or polyurethane as these types of finish are meant to be built up on the surface of the wood, where Lin-Speed works within the wood with virtually none on the surface. Lin-Speed makes wood grain glow, enhancing the beauty of your cherished guitars.
Lin-Speed is the chosen finish of master Luthier Carl Thompson of Carl has been making bass guitars for some of the biggest names in music since 1974.