Lin-Speed Pro Finishing Kit

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Lin-Speed Pro Finishing Kit
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GB Lin-Speed Pro Finishing Kit Featuring Micro Mesh

Micro Mesh is a cloth backed cushioned abrasive that leaves a scratch pattern so uniform that it is undetectable with the naked eye. Micro Mesh is of such high quality that it is actually approved for use on the most famous violins in the world, Stradivarius. Combine the perfect abrasive to prepare wood for finishing and then finish it with Lin-Speed Finish & Care Oil, the finest genuine finishing oil available, and the results are stunning. Order our kit today and make your guitar project the envy of experts.

Kit includes a two ounce jar of Lin-Speed Oil, nine 3"x4" Micro Mesh abrasive sheets from 1500 grit to 12,000 grit, a cushioned sanding block, quality conventional sand paper sheets in 180, 220, and 320 grit, two 3\0 steel wool pads, a pair of gloves and a 28 page booklet by Lin-Speed developer George Van Vleck Brothers.

Lin-Speed is an extreme grain revealing finish oil for gunstocks and any fine woodwork, like furniture, guitars, wood knife handles, pens, bar tops, and much more. Lin-Speed deeply penetrates wood pores and hardens, protecting the wood and revealing the beauty of grain patterns from within. In bright light wood appears to glow and you will have a sense that you can actually see into the wood. The finish is tough and abrasions disappear with just a dab of Lin-Speed.

Lin-Speed is simple to use and is typically applied with the finger tips but for larger projects a sponge brush can be used. Only a tiny bit is needed per application for a no build finish like no other. The convenient 2 ounce jar is typically enough for about 2 guitars.

Lin-Speed is not like varnish or polyurethane as these types of finish are meant to be built up on the surface of the wood, where Lin-Speed works within the wood with virtually none on the surface. Lin-Speed makes wood grain glow, enhancing the beauty of your cherished guitars.

Lin-Speed is the chosen finish of master Luthier Carl Thompson of Carl has been making bass guitars for some of the biggest names in music since 1974.