LPJR Wiring Harness 500k

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LPJR Wiring Harness 500k

LPJR style 50s wiring harness
This pre-wired harness features vintage shielded 22AWG cloth wire, CTS pots and a Switchcraft jack. Volume pot is 500k and your choice of 250k or 500k for tone. Customize with your choice of .022uf cap, with insulated leads. These are all hand wired to order in our custom shop.

The model pictured has genuine Sprague Orange Drop cap. If your the capacitor you would like isn't listed, email us, we can get it.

Capacitor Options:
  • Sprague Orange Drop .022mfd tone capacitor for guitar and bass tone circuits. Known for the best in tone, these make a great upgrade over standard caps. 5% tolerance.
  • Sprague Vitamin Q 0.022uf tone caps. The holy grail of tone caps. Very creamy, smooth tone - perfect for either neck or bridge. Rivals that of any PIO tone cap available. Metal body, foil conductor with Vitamin Q oil saturated paper dielectric and glass sealed.
  • Auricap XO high resolution capacitor. Sonically transparent. .022 mfd, 600 volt.
    Auricap XO capacitors feature high-end engineering for unprecedented quality. Each 21 gauge lead contains 19-strands, and each strand is continuously cast in a vacuum, resulting in only 1 crystal barrier per foot (as opposed to the thousands in standard wire). The lead is then cryogenically treated and wrapped in red cross-linked polyethylene, resulting in permanently superior wire construction, throughput, and quality.
  • Bumblebee Capacitors look, perform, and sound just like the original capacitors that were used on late-'50s Gibson Les Pauls and vintage SGs. Famous for their tone (and their stripes!), the Historic Spec Bumblebee Capacitors can help you achieve that sweet, full tone that Gibson's legendary instruments are famous for.