Flaxwood P90 - Body and Neck

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Flaxwood P90 - Body and Neck

As tonewoods become harder to obtain, Flaxwood's Natural Fiber Composite (NFC) provides an economical and ecological alternative.
The famous Flaxwood Guitars have been produced out of components manufactured by injection molding NFC material. The NFC Material is already internationally well known among Musical Instrument manufacturers. The technology is patented by Flaxwood Oy, Finland. NFC is a sustainable, ecological new material that is a mixture of Spruce wood fibers and acoustically sensitive polymers. The NFC properties are in many categories superior to those of traditional tone woods. It delivers acoustic consistency and uniformly flawless quality. As it is rid of irregularities in composition such as the grain and knots found in traditional tonewoods, the acoustic response of flaxwood is such that it resonates with equal force in all directions, and gives an even dynamic response through a guitar's entire range.
NFC is virtually impervious to moisture, which makes Flaxwood components and especially the NFC guitar necks a great choice for instrument building. As a result of the very high stability and uniform density throughout the neck, there are virtually no dead spots. NFC Material also feels very comfortable and makes playing enjoyable in any conditions.

Tune-X Tuning System
Flaxwood guitars come equipped with a Tune-X Tuning System nut, which allows for consistent tuning and flawless intonation on all positions on the fretboard. The Tune-X Tuning System nut is made of a self-lubricating, high-tech material and was especially and exclusively developed for Flaxwood Guitars.

Resonator Back Plate
The Flax resonator back plate was designed by Flaxwood's luthiers to amplify and enhance both the unplugged and plugged-in sound of the guitar. Unplugged, the sound of a Flaxwood gravitates towards that of an archtop guitar; plugged in, the back plate ensures an open and rich tone through the guitar's range.

Unique 3D Neck Joint
This is a set neck guitar. It has a unique 3d neck joint that provides a perfect fit that gets tighter as you clamp the neck into the body when setting the neck. Giving you a perfect, error free fit that solid as a rock.

If you're an experienced builder, the base Flaxwood kit may be all you need. It includes a body, neck, inlays and glue for setting the neck. This will allow you complete control over all aspects of the build.
Tasks to complete the guitar are:
  • Level the fingerboard
  • Install the inlays
  • Fret the neck
  • Install the fingerboard side dots
  • Assemble and finish the guitar.

If you're not quite as adventurous we also offer the kit with the fingerboard leveled, inlays and side dots and frets installed.

The bridge
This body will take a wraparound combination bridge and tail. If the hardware kit is purchased with the kit, the body will come with the bridge holes pre-drilled.

The body can be finished with a solid color or burst . The finishing process is identical to the finish on a traditional guitar, but the NCF doesn't require any grain filler.

Burst Finish
This finish was done with Behlen Vinyl Sealer, Starcast Amber, Encore Brown and Stringed Instrument Lacquer.
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  • Complete instructions included
  • Wood Type:Flaxwood
  • Neck Pocket TypeSet Neck
  • Scale Length:25-1/2
  • Frets:22 Jumbo
  • Inlays:Dots
  • Fretboard Radius:12"
  • Fingerboard:Flaxwood
  • Side Markers:Dots
  • Truss Rod:Adjusting nut at the peghead
  • Tuner Holes:Modern 13/32" (10.32mm)