Faber '59 ABR-1 Style Wireless Bridge

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Faber '59 ABR-1 Style Wireless Bridge

Perhaps the most vintage correct replacement bridge available on the market today! No rattle-causing retainer wire! Increased sustain and pick attack due to the brass saddles being countersunk from a solid piece of brass - not cast! Flat top saddles provide tight, 100% mechanical contact in the ABR frame. Saddles have starter notches dead center. Use this ABRH model bridge on your Gibson Historic or any guitar using ABR-1 sized (6-32) bridge posts, including most original "tune-o-matic" equipped Gibson guitars prior to the introduction of the Nashville bridge. No modifications and nothing else needed! A direct "drop on" replacement! Removable saddles - replace a worn saddle, or turn a saddle around for more accurate intonation.
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