Dry Powdered Aniline Stain - Lemon Yellow

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Dry Powdered Aniline Stain - Lemon Yellow
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Water/Alcohol soluble Dissolving these dyes in water will achieve deep penetration resulting in the best light fastness of any of the anilines. The beauty of the wood grain will show clearly without the "muddy" look sometimes left due to the overuse of pigments. Add warm water to powder to get the desired color. Colors may need 25% Wood Alcohol to achieve color. When dissolved in wood alcohol, these dyes are often used as touch-up and repair stains as well as primary wood stains. Alcohol enables rapid drying and will not significantly raise the grain of the wood. When used as a tinting medium, this stain should be dissolved in Behkol Solvent. Some colors may need 25% water to achieve color. 2 oz.