BYO Custom Shop Baritone Scale Conversion T Style Neck

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BYO Custom Shop Baritone Scale Conversion T Style Neck

This gorgeous Baritone Scale Conversion Tele Neck has a slightly narrow heel at 2.14" 

Finish with a fret size of your choice and we would be happy to add white side dots if you would like them. 

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Made in Amherst, NH USA

Our Baritone Conversion Tele Neck is an easy way to convert your Tele into a baritone guitar.  This is a top quality neck from our Custom Shop. Constructed from the highest quality wood.

Once you install the neck, you only have to change your strings and you will have a baritone Tele!
These necks have a double action truss rod.  

Scale Length:28"

Neck Wood:  Maple

Fingerboard: Ebony

Fingerboard Radius: Compound 10"-16"

Truss Rod Adjustment: Head

Fret Size: ***YOUR CHOICE***

Inlays: MOP Dots

  • In Stock
  • Wood Type:Hard Rock Maple
  • Finish:Unfinished
  • Fingerboard:Ebony
  • Scale Length:28
  • Fretboard Radius:Compound Radius 10-16"
  • Frets:24
  • Inlays:Dots
  • Side Markers:None
  • Tuner Holes:Modern 13/32" (10.32mm)
  • Truss Rod:Adjusting nut at the peghead
  • Nut:Not Installed
  • Neck Style:Bolt On
  • Width at Nut:1-11/16"
  • Thickness at first fret.85
  • Thickness at twelth fret.88