White Limba/Korina Body Blank


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White Limba/Korina Body Blank


Limba/Korina electric guitar body blank.

Botanical name: Terminalia superba. This wood is grown in the tropical regions of western Africa and has a very interesting and appealing grain. It is held in very high regard by guitar builders. It was first introduced to the world as a tonewood in 1958 By Gibson. It was only briefly used then, but it has never been forgotten. It has a very warm, balanced sound with excellent sustain. For a hardwood it is quite lightweight. Some pieces can have dark or light stripes and/or lots of interesting swirls and some can have a mahogany-like appearance. Korina these days is mostly offered as an option in Custom Shop guitar builds.

Each 3 piece blank is kiln dried and sanded to 120 grit. End grain has been sealed to prevent splitting.

Minimum Dimensions: 20"x14"x1.75"

White Limba/Korina Body Blank

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