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Ghost® acoustic-phonic preamp (Advanced kit). The Acousti-Phonic Modular Pre-amp captures the natural acoustics of your electric guitar, which can then be amplified or recorded direct, without feedback or mic placement problems associated with a live or studio amplified acoustic guitar. The tone is warm, full-bodied and according to Gig Magazine, will "fool both the band and the audience". The Acousti-Phonic features automatic switching for mono or stereo applications. Plug in a mono cable and the Acousti-Phonic automatically senses this and routes both the GHOST® and magnetic pickup signals to the mono cable. Plug in a stereo cable and each pickup system is routed to a separate output cable which can be sent to separate signal processors, such as an acoustic guitar amp and a regular guitar amp. Other features include an onboard ghost® pickup/magnetic mix volume, automatic battery off sensor eliminating the need for a bulky nine pin output jack, and auxilary 9V power to an active magnetic pickup system eliminating the need for two 9 volt batteries.

Kit includes:
Acousti-Phonic Preamp: Intelligent guitar preamp
Battery Clip: Holds 9V battery
Battery Connecter: Connects battery to pre-amp
Stereo Output Jack: For magnetic & piezo output
Stereo Jack Harness: Connects stereo output jack to pre-amp
Mag/Piezo Harness: Connects mag/piezo to volume
Quick Switch: Allows to switch between pickups (piezo/mag)
Volume Pot: Controls piezo volume.
NOTE: Kits don't include ghost loaded saddles.
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